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It’s safe to say that I’m testing the limits of the Minimal Mistakes theme.

I decided to try out the blog format, mostly just to see if it would work.

A neat thing w blogs, is by using tags and categories there are many different ways to display and interact with the content.

I found out that using too many collections will break this theme.

I just updated this index, because I knew there was a ton of value hidden away in the discord server. I can see, also, that these pages are showing up in search, and that folk are making use. YAY! You may have noticed the navigation was broken for a day while updating… apparently Jekyll doesn’t like more than 10 collections.

Collections are a simple way to throw a bunch of similar type of documents in a directory and display them together, without a bunch of manual labor.

I expanded to 12 categories, and it broke.

Then, I dropped back to 9 and nav came back.

So I wanted to see if I started a blog would the site still work.

9 categories and a blog

That’s a lot of ways to organize information :)

I doubt I’ll stick with the post index home page for long, since I don’t expect to be blogging here, much.

I’m now able to appreciate the technical limitation for shaping my categorization process. It makes sense to have 10 or less ways to divide the entire ecosystem and break it down from there… even if some overlap.

Simplicity <3

You’ll notice the /featured/ link, where I’ll feature the various channels on a rotating basis, until I’ve created a preview image for all of them. For now, there is only some variety.

Let’s Catch Up Again Soon!