LightniNgFo: Wallets, Applications, Guides and Development

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-Web Based

LNRoute online-wallets

  • Bitlum - Online Bitcoin browser wallet (custodial)

    The wallet referral system will allow you to onboard new people in Lightning within 3 minutes, by giving them a free $0.1 bonus on registration, so that they can try the Lightning Network even without having Bitcoin.

  • Bottle -Bottle uses the Lightning Network and Social networks to help make Bitcoin accessible for everyone.

💡 explorers

LNRoute -Explorers and Statistics
Visualisers of the Lightning Network (and some other explorers)

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💡 exchange

  • ZigZag - lightning enabled crypto exchange

    Exchange Top Cryptocurrencies in seconds with low fees


    discover quotes of Satoshis and Bitcoin in 100+ currencies at real time. The value transfer of Satoshis is powered by Lightning Network.

  • (*)

    An instant, account free, and non-custodial digital asset exchange built on top of the lightning network.


    NFL, NBA and Crypto API’s -Use of API charged via Lightning Network per call or streaming period. >Suredbits’ Lightning App API allows you to query NFL, NBA and Crypto Exchange data. Their NFL and NBA APIs offer multiple channels including teams, players, games, scores, and statistics. Their Crypto Exchange API allows you to stream data on Trades, Tickers and Order Books.


    App-enabled cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider, Zebpay, has announced that it is enabling Lightning Network payments for all its users. Zebpay claim that it will even pay the fees for Lightning transactions made through its wallet.

  • Crypto Trading Signals - Slamtrade)

    24/7 streaming of high-performance Crypto-Currency trading signals presented in a single view for professional trading. Find out where to buy/sell or when to buy/sell at any point in time in seconds. Also discover liquidity, market making, and arbitraging opportunities. Power…

  • Buy, sell and exchange crypto currencies at

    At CoinPlaza you can buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto currencies. Easy, fast and convenient!

  • ZigZag - lightning enabled crypto exchange

    Exchange Top Cryptocurrencies in seconds with low fees

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⛈ HowTo

⛈ c-lightning

⛈ Lightning Network Daemon

⛈ eclair

⛈ Hardware

⛈ PI Raspberry

  • Fulmo ⚡ (@fulmolightning) Get ready to rumble! The latest batch of 20 #RaspiBlitz, a full #Bitcoin and #LightningNetwork node running on a Raspberry Pi, is ready to be picked up and plugged in at the #LightningHackday! If you can’t attend in person, you can build one yourself
  • rootzoll/raspiblitz Fastest and cheapest way to get your own Lightning Node running - on a RaspberryPi with a nice LCD
  • Stadicus/RaspiBolt Bitcoin & Lightning full node on a Raspberry Pi.

⛈ Casa


Get Lightning

💶 Earn - Category: Internet Services

💶 faucets

💶 give

  • Now you can send BTC over Lightning without an invoice and no waiting. Perfect for onboarding friends to Lightning [through financial motivation


LNRoute -Implementations Lightning App Directory

⚡ Merchant Tools

⚡ social


    Post public messages on the wall and receive satoshis from people who like your message.

  • Micro Blogging Platform

    Bottle uses the Lightning Network andSocial networks to help make Bitcoin accessible for everyone.


    Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments.


    Limichat is a chat application that limits messages based on payment via Lightning. Sending a message gets cheaper over time, but doubles when someone pays, resulting in one message per ~10 min!


    A Block Clock powered by the Lightning Network. You can send a lightning payment to write a message on the BlockClock that is being live streamed on Twitch!


    Pay people to like your tweets or follow you.


    Lightning Network Podcasts


    CoinTippy helps you reward content on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Twitch with cryptocurrencies

⚡ art


    collaborative artboard. Inspired by Reddit Place, and the Million Dollar Homepage. There are 1 million pixels on the canvas and each pixel costs 1 satoshi to paint. Pixels can be painted over indefinitely. Satoshi’s Place is a great way to experience the power of micro-transactions through the Bitcoin Lightning Network.


    Cute Cannabis themed artwork by a Medical Marijuana advocate in the UK

  • -Bitcoin Art

⚡ mesh

  • CryptoChat_013 - Richard Myers and a Lightning Powered Global Mesh…

    Today we have a great chat with Richard Myers all about the recently unveiled Lot49 protocol and how Global Mesh Labs intends to incentivize and help build a global, decentralized meshnet powered by Lightning! Check out the website and read the whitepaper for a deep dive i…

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⚡ payments


    A free payment gateway for Bitcoin Lightning Network for store owners who use OpenCart and have their own LN node.

  • Buy 30+ Vouchers, refill your phone and pay your bills with Lightning.

    Bring the power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave.


    Bitcoin and Lightning Network payment gateway focused on security, customizability and simple integration.

⚡ applications

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⚡ Marketplaces

Lightning Network Stores directory

The most comprehensive directory of stores/games/venues/shops that accept bitcoin through the lightning network. - (@bitcoinLNS) Accept Lightning store list/map LNRoute store list Messari merchant list

⚡ games

LNRoute - Bitcoin Lightning Powered Games

Another series of games that use the Lightning Network Several games to experience the use of the Lightning Network. A series of Lightning Apps and Games. Three Card Monte, Receive SMS, LN Hunt, MicroMine, Scratch and Win and Backgammon


    The player that finds Nakamoto is awarded 50% of the jackpot. >Satoshi Nakamoto is hidden in one of 256 cards of the board. At the beginning of each game, all cards are closed. When Nakamoto is found, the game ends and another begins with all the cards closed again.


    Satoshibet is a provably fair roulette with a trollbox and a tipping bot. Play roulette while talking with fellow players in the chat.


    Satoshi Go Bet is a betting platform for online Go games. Choose any of the live Go games and make bets on the player you think will win.


    Classical memory game on Lightning. Pair up the 8 different images and if you beat the highscore, you win the jackpot.

  • Lightning Wheel of Fortune
    • prediction and betting game
    • make a prediction about sports events or back/lay the others players bets
    • backers or layers get all satoshis divided equally amongst each participant.

    Lightning Spin is a bitcoin gambling game that lives on top of the Lightning Network. It’s a simple yet exciting game – enter your wager, select a multiplier and spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on your target multiplier, you win!


    The Lightning Gem is a fun game as well as an exercise in psychology. You can think of it as a series of speculative bubbles


    Lightning Roulette is another Bitcoin Lightning Network powered online multiplayer game. This LApp uses a provably fair system that enables you to verify each spin result and make sure you are not being cheated.* - LN coinflipping game


    Provably fair gamble game with instant deposits and withdrawals. A good showcase of the power of the Lightning network.


    Miniature Roulette Game on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

  • - Open the correct lock and get satoshis

    Three colors and three wheels. Simple and different slot machine game.


    Play Pokémon with your fellow bitcoiners a collaborative gameboy powered by Lightning


    LuckyThunder is a slot machine built on top of the bitcoin lightning network. No login required, provably fair, high win percentage.

  • Penguin Shooter -A Bitcoin Lightning Network powered RPG

    Pay Satoshis with Lightning Network to scratch letters and help reveal a hidden message. Or post a message yourself and make it attractive so people want to discover. Oc2 (Off chain On chain - India’s first Decentralised Exchange, 0x Relayer and early adopters of Lightning.


    To support their vision, they have created a Slot Machine on top of Lightning Network.

  • Mini Casino Roulette

    Lightning Network simple casino roulette game


    A role-playing game using Lightning for in-game payments


    Koala Studio’s first game is Lightning Powered online Chess


    Another Lightning Network powered Slot Machine

  • - A Lightning Network powered Slot Machine

    BC.Game is a BlockChain Game platform with provably fair, fast payouts, a free faucet and Lightning Network support. Some of the games available are Crash, Dice and Blackjack.


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