Decentralized Web Histories

An Exploration of P2P and Decentralized Tech: From the Dawn of Computing

Jekyll-Indieweb Reboot

When I first used this theme, it was in the middle of some updates, and I poked around the SSGiverse to see what else I could find.

I tried Indigo, a Hugo indieweb theme. At that point I started using it for and merged my indieweb content with it. That site grew fast!

Now, I’m using AngeloStavrow/indigo, for, went back to mmistakes/hpstr-jekyll-theme for and am using the new and improved miklb/jekyll-indieweb for P2P\Decentralized Web Histories.

Decentralized Web

How did we get here?

I came into contact with @Kyle_DH, who inquired about my services. In particularly, he asked about a list I have posted, and offered to pay $200 for an article on P2P history.

This site is where I’m organizing my research around P2P, and decentralized-web histories. Once I have a solid foundation created, I’ll begin working on an article on the history of P2P around 2000 words of it.

@Kyle_DH has been gracious enough to financially support this effort, and the content produced is a contribution to the public domain. I have already recieved $100 up front, the following $100 upon delivery.

Much thanks to Kyle for believing in me and this vision, and all of you for visiting!

I am so grateful to see the beginnings of a community form around these research efforts, which was the whole point of publishing any of it to begin with. If I’m going to be studying Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (oh my!), and writing about the same, it would be great to find a community of others working towards the same ends.

A Circuitus Approach to Bitcoin History

In order to understand Bitcoin, it is important to understand the history of computing, cryptography, money, decentralized systems, law, and a number of other interelated subjects.

My approach is to gradually organize information on each subject so that the websites integrate with each-other, while remaining distinct.

Indieweb Meets P2P History

It seemed fitting to use an indieweb theme for publishing content about the history of P2P and Decentralized web. Once I get things set up, we’ll start to play around with what all is possible :D

Kyle Den Hartog

Kyle Den Hartog wants to see a world where passwords are eliminated as the primary form of authentication. This vision led him to be an eager contributor to the design and development of DID-Auth along with other standards in the decentralized identity community.

As part of his commitment to the cause, he has sponsored some of the research required to create this resource.

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